Nia long dating basketball player

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Ime Udoka is a retired professional basketball player from United States.These days, he is active in National Basketball Association as the assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs.Edit Tall and talented, Ime Udoka was born as Ime Sunday Udoka in the mid 1970s in Portland, Oregon, United States of America to African and American parents. After graduation from there he joined University of San Francisco in 1997 where he played as a small forward.Two years later, he joined Portland State University and he stayed there till 2000."The Best Man Holiday," starring Nia Long (Jordan), Regina Hall (Candace), Morris Chestnut (Lance), Terrence Howard (Quentin), Monica Calhoun (Mia), Harold Perrineau (Julian), Taye Diggs (Harper), Melissa De Sousa (Shelby), and Sanaa Lathan (Robyn), hits theaters today, and we've assembled 20 things you probably don't know about its cast to celebrate the long-awaited sequel. Nia Long played Will Smith's girlfriend and fiancée on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" from 1994 through 1995.Interestingly enough, Jada Pinkett-Smith -- Smith's current wife -- was originally supposed to play the part, but was deemed too short opposite the 6'2" Smith. Terrence Howard's great-grandmother, Minnie Gentry, was a stage actress and is credited with spurring Howard's interest in acting. Morris Chestnut's first film role was opposite Cuba Gooding Jr.He and his loving partner an American actress Nia Long welcomed their first child together in November and that time it was a son and they named him Kez Sunday Udoka.Edit He began playing basketball since he was a little boy.

Upon realizing there was already a Harold Williams in the Screen Actors Guild, Perrineau changed his name back. Due to home repairs, Hall temporarily lived with Lathan in 2006. Back in 1993, Monica Calhoun was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for her performance in an episode of "CBS Schoolbreak Special" titled, "Different Worlds: A Story of Interracial Love." 10.Melissa De Sousa claims that people often call her Shelby, her character's name.She takes it as a compliment and a testament to her acting skills. While Chestnut acknowledges that many celebs don't mind having their private lives becoming public for publicity's sake, he prefers to maintain a boundary between his personal and work life. In 2003, Diggs went for a routine doctor's visit only to be punked by Ashton Kutcher.Well, we’re not shooting until late April in Toronto so I can’t say much, but everybody is really excited to revisit our stories and find out what happens next. But, deep down inside I knew it would work out for me. I have homework, bath time, dinner, laundry and all the other things that every mother has to do because, in essence, I’m physically a part-time single mom. Lee's "The Best Man" has been around the world and back again.

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